Sunday, December 18, 2016


Normally a news-letter from Sophie and Me, means a new pattern published.
Not today!
My pc crashed, so today I will do something different;
I will send you a Christmas card!
With a special greeting for you! See end of letter!
Special discount in my shops to the end of the year!


If you are a grow-up, you will remember these cards everyone sent to everyone, every year before Christmas, with the same greetings on all the cards. With stamps on, sent by the postal system, not electronically!
Christmas-cards have their own tradition in every nation, and so we have in Norway, my mother-land.
Looking at old cards, they give the impression that Christmas is a special event for Norway only, very patriotic! And it’s always snow on the motives!
And often our traditional Nisse (Gnome) is part of the motif.
I admit, I get very nostalgic in end of December!
I will not go into the religious aspect of Christmas, which can be SO different world-wide for us all.
I will however present the Norwegian Nisse to you! A very special "man".

The Barn-Gnome (Fjøs-nissen) is a creature from Norwegian
(and Scandinavian) folklore.

There were also forest-gnomes and mountain-gnomes mind you!
Small people!

Barn- and stable gnomes however, lived on every farm in the old days.
They seemed to like people, and especially the farm’s animals, and especially the horses!
Nisse was always in good mood, happy and satisfied, if left in peace!
He was a short man, “no taller than a horse’s head”. Sometimes even smaller!
He always wore dark knickers, knee-high socks, and shirt with a vest or a sweater, wooden clogs or leather boots, and a red knitted cap.
He had long grey or white beard, and… he had only four fingers!
Not many people know that fact!
And of course he could ski, as any good Norwegian!
He was very shy, and hardly ever seen. May be due to his red hat, which was grey on the inside, and if he wore it inside out, he turned invisible!
Nisse has supernatural powers. He is many times as strong as people, and also many times older!
Nisse take care of his household, so the farmer never run out of flour and food.
In folklore and literature, he has been described as the guardian of the farm.
He was a good little helper, as long as the farmer treated him well.

Especially at Christmas he would expect to get a large bowl of sour cream porridge with a big "eye of butter" in the middle, and home-brewed beer, in return for looking after the livestock.

When the people on the farm went to find the bowls the next morning, the dishes would be empty and clean.
That was proof enough that Nisse really existed!
Often the farmer would leave leftovers from Christmas dinner on the table at night, so Nisse could help himself. Of course, the next day the food was gone!
But if the farmer failed to keep him fed and happy, Nisse would do mischief, or even harm, to both animals and people!
He would be the one responsible when anything strange, or unexplained happened on the farm.

For example, because he enjoyed helping horses more than cows, he would steal hay from the cows to give an extra portion to a favorite horse!
One story tells that Nisse, finding that the farmer had forgotten to put butter on his porridge, got angry and killed the farm’s best milking cow!
Later he found out that the farmer had simply put the butter in the bottom of the bowl, and the porridge on top. Regretting his mischief, Nisse went and stole a milking cow from the neighbor’s farm, to replace the one he killed!

Norwegians know deep in their heart that Nisse exists! That is why they still fill wooden bowls with porridge and take them to the barn on Christmas Eve, because no one can really be sure!
Today, Norway also has the tradition of the Julenisse (Christmas-gnome), a result of mixed and combined traditions and cultures, inspired by the story about the holy Nicolaus (the American Santa Claus).

The Julenisse looks a lot like the regular Nisse, only taller.
He visits the household on Christmas Eve with presents and the greeting;
“Are there any good children here?”.
Often he demands the children to sing for him, before they get their presents.
Wouldn't you like to meet Nisse!?
Oh yes, he has a family too!
That's another story!
First of all;
I wish you Happy and Peaceful celebrations of these last days of 2016!


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Thank you for following me to the end! Of the year!
Sophie and Me

Sunday, November 6, 2016


Extremely warm socks for freeezzzing feet! 

Worked with crocheted "Garter" stitch, and "Purled" stitches on toe and top.

I'm kind of obsessed by the possibilities the humble slip stitch give!
OK, a crocheter will impatiently see it as SLOW!
Yes, speed as knitting.
But with LARGE hook, and HEAVY yarn, full speed!
And creating a beautiful surface, VERY much like knitting.
Actually, crocheted slip stitches can clone any of the basic knitted.

A couple of informative sites about slip stitch crochet:

Fresh off the hook.
I plan to join crochet-soles to the bottom, as I walk all over with
all my socks and slipper! Also into the garden!

Warmest ever! So soft and stretchy!
People will not believe that this is crochet, not knit! 
I think these socks may be too thick to wear with boots.
With bulky yarn and large hook,
you will finish these socks in short time!
Close-up of the stitches.
On top; The "purled" sts.
On leg: The "Garter" sts.
Tons of people contacted me to ask if  this is really crochet!

I made the socks in two lengths.
These are the knee-high.
I made them in bulky rowing wool.
LOVE them!
So warm and soft!

These are the short socks. Made in contrast colors to better show off
the stitches. Made with double DK yarn.

My lovely siblings!
Work them into any length you like.
One piece, toe/up.
Worked flat. and seamed under foot and back of leg as last.

I find the short socks easier to wear.
Only be course they are shorter!

Saturday, October 22, 2016


New crochet pattern published! 

Crochet-Knit Casual Slippers!

Casual and plain slippers for chilly days! Warm and cozy! 
One piece, toe-up basics. 
No in- or out-soles included in the pattern: Optional: Insert matching fabric-covered insoles, and join out-soles to the bottom as I have done, for warm and protected slippers. 
Learn a new stitch! The special crocheted/knit stitch gives a classic touch to this simple design. Fast and fun to work. 
Great gift, make them in many colors and sizes for family and friends!
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate.
The basic slippers fresh off the hook!
Note the distinct knit-stitches!


Handmade fabric covered insoles inserted.
Note the labels, great gift idea!

Jeans-blue edging added, plus Crochet Soles joined to the bottom.
Sturdy, warm and protected home-shoes!

I made the Crochet Soles with double cotton-twine.

Look..... so warm and cozy!!

Name of the crochet/knit stitch:

Snug fit!

I have made, as usual, a patter E-Book
for the basic slippers included the Crochet Sole tutorial!

My slippers are protected against wear and tear, and will last for years!

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Bulky Garter Hat with Ribbing

Unisex. Adjustable to any size.
Skill level: Easy.
This hat is designed to match the Bulky Garter Sweater.

So warm, soft, and stretchy! 

Simple shape

People will not believe that this is crochet, not knit! 

The hat is completely made with slip stitches,
the ribbing as well as the garter-stitch,
creating a beautiful surface.

Details of crocheted rib- and garter stitches!

Friday, September 30, 2016


It's that time of year.... 
you can't wait to cuddle down in the couch with wool on your hook!
High snuggle-factor for this one!
People will not believe that this is crocheted, not knitted!
The sweater is completely made with slip stitches, the smallest of all crochet stitches.
The garter stitch is one of the easiest!


This is the Garter slip stitch pattern, with slip stitch ribbing!
Doesn't it look great!
See the stitches used in my new

Friday, September 9, 2016


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Monday, September 5, 2016

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Saturday, August 27, 2016