Monday, April 28, 2014


Girls, if you never received the update for the free Lucet-Cord Tutorial, find it for FREE Download HERE 

The Crocheted Lucet-Cord-Method is my favorite for creating Cord-Soles. 
I attach soles to all my crochet slipper-designs, in order to turn them into street-shoes! Like Canvas-shoes you know! Or Toms, or Espadrilles, Alpargates, etc. Every part of the world have their own name for this kind of rope-sole-shoes! LOVE them! 
How to make the soles?? HERE. 
And all my crochet-patterns; HERE

My favorite Cord for creating soles for my crochet slippers!
The Lucet-Cord Method!

Detail of hemp-twine crocheted to cord with the Lucet-Method.

And, finished soles, ready for attaching to crochet-slippers!

And the finished Shoes!

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