Thursday, February 13, 2014


Warm all year cardigan for boys and girls. A heirloom!
This crochet cardigan is inspired by the classic, Scandinavian stranded knitting-patterns. 
Being Norwegian, I've learned to appreciate them as part of my cultural inheritance. I’m always looking for methods to achieve the style in crochet!

When this cardigan was finished, my husband made a
clever comment about "Dull colors for kids".
So this is a method to color up dull cardigans!
I have done some needle-work to the cuffs and hem-line. 
The tiny flower-sts are called Lazy Daisy, and the blue
V-sts are a variation of the Herringbone stitch.
Full stitch tutorial included in the pattern.

On the cuffs I covered all grey crochet-sts with flowers,
on the hem I made it easier, leaving one grey st between each flower.

Close-up. I'm very happy with the result of my efforts!

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CRISTINA said...

Acabo de descrubrite, pena que mi ingles sea más que malo, me encanta lo que haces.