Friday, January 25, 2013


The super-cutest crochet boots ever!
I think!
For you to crochet. Pattern for 2 - 7 year-kids. 
Cool for boys too. Just adapt the colors!
For more photos and info about this crochet pattern,
see my Ravelry-store for instant download here.

These boots are designed for Sophie's winter coat. They came out like this,
and I think they look quite great!
Actually, I thing I'll design them for adults too!
Not for this season though. Next: Summer-shoes!
But first; Sophie's red bird-purse, and my winter head-band
and finger-less mittens for my white winter coat.
Not a lacy day!


Barbara Robertson said...

These are awesome! Did you ever convert for an adult pattern?

ingunn santini said...

Thanks Barbara! Yes, there is an adult version!
Look at this link:

Anonymous said...

Hi could you give me the link for this & maybe one if you have it for a new born to 3 month old

ingunn santini said...

Sorry anonymous, these slippers are for kids only! Find the link to the pattern right below the pics!

Crocheting Mom said...

I found this link on pinterest and it says this pattern is free but it really isn't, why is that.